Research and Teaching

The Scotland Hub acts as the focal point for Scotland-related research activities at the Johannes Gutenberg University (JGU) Mainz and has contributed to the development of deeper and more extensive academic collaborations since its foundation in 2015.

The JGU Mainz Scotland Hub’s  specific objectives are:

» The strengthening of existing partnerships and the establishment of new collaborations with universities and institutions in Scotland  to support joint research projects of international importance, and

» The initiation and promotion of new research projects spanning all aspects of Scottish society and culture

In the pursuit of these goals, the JGU Mainz Scotland Hub can rely on a broad network of academic, personal and institutional contacts with a broad number of Scottish universities including the universities of Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow.



Lecture 314 English Literature and Culture:
Survey of Scotland’s History, Literature and Culture

Modelled on our Survey of British Culture and Literature (CS1 and CS3),
this lecture will provide an overview of Scotland’s History, Culture and Literature,
starting with questions of identity and a sense of place
before embarking on a journey through the ages that will open up vistas
into Scotland's rich cultural heritage and her stories of nationhood.

The aim of this lecture is to present

  • A survey of the history of Scotland
  • A survey of the literature of Scotland from the beginnings to the present
  • A survey of the most important cultural changes during this (long) time


11 June 2018
International Research Day

On 11 June the Scotland Hub presents research projects in progress by its members and partners working in the fields of Scottish Literature and Scottish History. Editing Sir Walter Scott‘s Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border as well as Scott‘s German Drama will be the focus of our first session.
The Scottish History session will showcase ongoing research on the function and impact of property transfer for the Scottish political culture in the fifteenth century and – by our partners at the University of Aberdeen – on an online edition of city records in Aberdeen.
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7 November 2017
500 Years of Reformation

Lutheran theology impacted on Scottish society in the four decades before 1560. This new influence was also a novelty in cultural terms, since previously the main contacts of Scotland had been with France. However, the ‘Lutheran moment’ in the Scottish Reformation was later overshadowed by the stronger influence of Calvinism. The Gude and Godlie Ballatis (1565), which began as a collection of verse translations and Lutheran‐inspired religious lyrics, was subjected to Calvinist censorship. Nonetheless, and despite its complicated textual history, the GGB still today counts as a landmark work in Scottish culture. » Read more