2022GO Ahrtal Projects

Pupils from the Ahrtal (re-)imagine their future

A recent example for a natural disaster is the flooding in the Ahrtal in July 2021. The deadly flood happened in the night from the 14th to the 15th of July 2021. Numerous bridges were destroyed and partially damaged. In addition, most of the schools and kindergartens in the region suffered damage and some had to close temporarily. For the period of reconstruction the students of the Peter Joerres-Gymnasium in Ahrweiler had to share facilities with the private Gymnasium Calvarienberg.

In the Ahrtal, schools, houses and bridges are now in the process of being reconstructed but the question is:
How do we build (for) a better future? Our Scottish and Irish Global citizens led project groups to help the students from the Ahrtal to tell us about their hopes and dreams. 



The students have come up with various approaches to tackle climate change. One group of students created a video about the flood and its causes and effects. Two groups created short films inspiring action. Click on the images to view the videos.

"Climate Change Near Here"

"Inspiring Change"

"The Life of a Soda Can"


Sustainable Start Ups

These students invented sustainable community spaces, cafés which will bring life into the flooded city centre, and public transport which is independent from fossil fuels and late hours. Click here to see their ideas and follow the instagram account @2022goahrtal.


Creative Writing: Hopes and Dreams

This group wrote short stories, poems and diary entries about their hopes and dreams for the future. Read them all, by clicking here.


Our relationship to nature

The students produced short films, wrote poems and stories, by looking at their surroundings and finding ties to nature. They showed their personal perspectives and different approaches to nature.

"Finding Ties to Nature"

"Experience Nature"


With the help of law students from Glasgow, two groups of students imagined and designed their ideal states.

Ideal State: Idealand

The president of Idealand addresses the UN:

„Today is a very special occasion. After months and years of working, we are finally able to present you: Idealand. The only state in the world that includes communication, governmental competence, environment, and economy in a balanced and fair way. […]

Freedom, equality, respect, and responsibility. These are the values of Idealand. We, the government, are working for a stable state where all feel at home and secure. And this is why we are speaking now, before the UN, to prove that we are worthy to become a state in today’s world.“


Ideal State: Iustitia

The state of Iustitia puts a focus on equality and environmental regulations.The participating students created a podcast, about their ideas.


Timeless Magazine

In Timeless Magazine we are getting a glimpse into the students‘ imagination. Set in 2122, we can read about some major changes and some problems that seem hauntingly familiar.

Download the full magazine here


Time is on the line

Sometimes we can only imagine the future by dealing with the past. This group visited the Regierungsbunker, built for a possible nuclear war, and researched new and old technologies which might destroy or save us.

After doing their research on utopias and dystopias (and dreaming a little) this group came up with a timeline that may give us a little hope.