JGU ScotHUB Fellowship

JGU Scotland HUB Fellowship

The Scotland HUB at JGU appoints an "artist in residence" during the annual Scot-t Fest. The term of the office for the JGU Scotland HUB Fellow lasts until the subsequent Scot-t Fest. The holder of the Fellowship is distinguished by outstanding academic, artistic, socio-political, and social achievements in the topic of Scotland. The Fellowship is intended to increase the visibility of the Scotland HUB at JGU Mainz and promote connections between Scotland and Rhineland-Pfalz.

During their tenure, the Scotland HUB Fellow is expected to contribute to research, teaching, and the representation of Scotland at JGU and in the state of Rhineland-Pfalz, as well as organise a public event. The Fellow's involvement may include participation in the "Reading Scotland" programme, involvement in lectures and seminars, or the hosting of their own events in person or in digital form. At the same time, interaction with researchers in the field of Scotland is envisaged, as well as participation in GO (Global Outreach-Global Citizen projects).

The holder of the Fellowship receives a certificate acknowledging their position and is featured in publications and the web presence of the Scotland HUB. The JGU Scotland HUB Fellow is formally introduced during the Scot-t Fest and bid farewell to at the subsequent one. In addition, the Fellow receives an allowance from Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (funds from the Internationalisation Strategy).