2022 GO Ahrtal

Global Outreach - Global Citizen

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In the first week there will be interdisciplinary lectures on the subject of climate change and the Ahrtal at JGU Mainz, and we would like to offer our Scottish and Irish guests a buddy-up programme with JGU-students. They would accompany you to some of your regular lectures and seminars and you would in turn join us for some of the activities of 2022GO (in Mainz and maybe even the Ahrtal).

If you are a JGU student and would like to participate in 2022GO, please fill out this document and send it to scothub@uni-mainz.de, alongside a current picture of you and your Jogustine-timetable for the first week of 2022GO (20 Jun - 24 Jun 2022).


Work in Progress

Please bear with us while we update this website with the latest information on this project.