2023 GO Wald Projects

2023 GO Documentary

As his project Lyle Power (University of Glasgow) filmed the entire experience of 2023 GO Wald, from the academic week until departure from the Pfälzerwald. He made this footage into a documentary, which gives an impression of the whole programme.


Powering the Future

Aileen Brechin (University of Aberdeen) and Xue Zhao (University of Glasgow) started a social media project called Powering the Future to share important information on renewable energy in bite-sized and entertaining posts. Below you can see some of their work.



You can still view and follow their instagram page here.



@go.wald is an Instagram page started by Roisin Cunningham (University of Galway) with students from the Gymnasium Calvarienberg in Ahrweiler. They conducted interviews, surveys and fact checks about climate change, ecology and forests.



You can still view and follow their instagram page here.








Pfälzerwald Wildlife

Grant Hendrie (University of Glasgow) and Maria Duffy (University of Galway) did research on the wildlife of the Pfälzerwald and facts about the Biosphere reserve there. Below you can see the poster they came up with, including stats, graphs, a quiz and information about the Lynx reintroduction programme.


How to protect wildlife

Katherine Corbett (University of Galway) and students from Ahrweiler instead focussed on a different near-extinct animal: The Irish Pine Marten. They compared it to other endangered animals, discussed ways to prevent further endangerment and even conducted a survey among pupils about their knowledge on climate change and their motivation to change things.


Click through their full presentation here.

Greta and the Witch (Peter Feerick)

Coming soon!

Sounds of the Forest (Matthew Ryan & Mark Daniels)

Coming soon!

Ecosystem Forest (Theo Gillan)

Coming soon!

Climate Change Shortfilm (Harry Kitchner)

This shortfilm by Harry Kitchner and students from the Gymnasium Calvarienberg in Ahrweiler is on the consequences of climate change. The people of the Ahrtal have experienced this first hand, so the students are very equipped to talk about this. They combined this with a call to action. Watch below:

Nature Writing

Iona Berube (University of Aberdeen) and Erin Dunleavy (University of Galway) took inspiration from Nan Shepherd and other Scottish nature writers, to produce pieces of writing of their own. They transformed their real life experiences of walking through the dense Pfälzerwald ionto something creative.

Read their full writing here.


Deforestation Shortfilm

Ruairidh McCreadie, Joe Porter (both University of Aberdeen) and Zoe Kerr (University of Glasgow) created an impressive short film on deforestation in the Pfälzerwald. Shooting all of their footage on site, they manage to show you the scale of the biosphere reserve, as well as the dangers to this habitat.

Watch their shortfilm on YouTube.